History - Lakshmi Narayan College

A Glorious Past

  • Established in the year 1957

    L. N. College is serving and fulfilling the educational needs with its glorious past and cultural heritage. The college was established in 1957 by some optimists.

    In 1956 L. N. College is a resultant idea of Jagdish babu and Ramadhar sharma. Both of them admit a proposal to open a college in CDCM Union Office. A committee is formed and headed by Mahendra Narayan Singh to start and manage the proposed college.

    In spite of the efforts of these people there was an obstacle of land for college. To solve this problem there was a committee constitued and the following people were selected. Bramhdev Narayan Singh(Chairman), Bhagwanpur, Ram Iqbal Singh (Associate Secretary) Rajendra Prasad Singh (Treasurer) and Mahendra Narayan Singh(Spl. Guest). After this texture of committee 14 acres of land was registered by Rajendra Prasad Singh to construct college & hostel.