Principal's Desk - Lakshmi Narayan College

Principal's Desk
Established in 1957, the college is situated in a rural area of Vishali District. With the glorious past and cultural heritage it is sincerely involved in the educational upliftment of the surrounding villages

Almost three thousand students are studying here in eighteen subjects of different faculties for bachelor Degrees. BBA & BCA courses have already been introduced and some more need - based and applied courses like B.Ed. and certificate in biotechnology are in the pipeline. The college is committed to develop and foster the potentialities of its young students belonging to such families wherein fulfillment of basic needs is steel a distant dream. Nevertheless the college has been making untiring endeavors to contribute to academic discourses on partinent contemporary issues of social relevance.

The college is constituent unit of B R A Bihar university, Muzaffarpur and is recognised under section 2f and 12(B) of the UGC Act. The college has well furnished building and a big women's hostel already exists. We have rich laboratories of various departments including a computer lab and our library holdings include book and journals and international repute. All the departments have computer with internet facilities. Two high capacity generators have been installed for the uninterrupted power supply to the deptts and lab. The sprawling campus of our college is situated on the N H No.77and it is just 18 kms away from Hajipur and 30 kms from Muzaffarpur.

There is a wave of global economic reforms and now "wealth is created by knowledge not by labour". So knowledge based economy is adopted by the policy makers of the worlds and knowledge has become the symbol of information. A person is more knowledgeable who has more information. Today Knowledge has become technology - driven and not fueled by the power of soul and eternal values as before. However a country like India where drinking water and personal sanitation is a serious concern, majority of people cannot afford thinking of joining hands in this technological revolution for the privileged minority. Exploitation of human and child labour is still continuing and there is no check on the so called dowry deaths and police atrocities. Certainly laws have been enacted for the elimination of these evils but implementing agencies are not so much effective. Anthropogenic behavioral analyses have shown that there is an absolute erosion of ideals and values in the society. So it is necessary to dwell upon what should be, and what should not be what is going on and how the change is possible.

I pray to the Almighty to grant me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference. With this theme in mind I solicit the support and advice of all the stake holders towards the development of the college so that the bridge between India and Bharat is shortened

      Dr. Sunita Kumari Gupta
      Principal, LN College